For most people when they think of Australia, the first thought that probably comes to mind is, ‘idealic beaches and warm sea breezes”. The focus is on the weather. Most people would think of Australia as a just a tropical summertime wonderland, and it is. Here is the fun part, Australia is also cool (both literally and figuratively in the mountains ). Australia has some of the best sites for snowboarding. Here are is a list of the top 5 best snowboarding runs in the country if you are looking for a fresh experience. There are many other places, but these are the most commonly visited. They are all awesome. However, the ranking is done mostly by the size of the facility (you do want more snowboarding after all).
Oh, and now that you know that it is not all hot down under, you may want to dress for the snow if you intend to snowboard. Make sure you get yourself a tall hoodie to keep you toastie and look rad on the slopes.

6. Charlotte Pass

Charlotte Pass is a rustic resort that is tucked away in the Kosciusko National Park. To get to the resort, you need to put a bit of extra effort to get to from Perisher via over-snow transport. One advantage that it has over other resorts is the fact that it is the highest resort in Australia. It usually has better snow conditions which are more reliable than the rest. However, it also has probably the smallest skiable terrain of about 50 acres with 24 runs. It is about a six to seven-hour drive from Sydney.
It is relatively crowd free and offers some good ground for beginners. However, due to its size, you will probably go through the runs within a day or two. So, if you are on a busy schedule and just want a quick getaway to blow off some steam before heading back, this is the place for you. You can also get affordable accommodation while there at the slopes.

5. Mt. Buller

Only a three-hour drive from Melbourne at the Alpine National Park is the Mt. Buller Ski Resort. It rests on 300 acres and has 41 runs. It’s a great place to have fun. However, due to its convenient location, it does get crowded on the weekends.
With almost double the runs when compared to Charlotte Pass, you will have more to do and can afford a longer stay. While there are a lot of accommodation options within the resort, it is not cheap. Mt. Buller attracts some high-end guests, so you best have a budget that factors this in.
If you don’t mind crowds of boarders and skiers, or can afford it, make sure to make this location one of your stops for snowboarding. It offers you more space and if the crowds are anything to go by, more fun.

4. Mt Hotham

Mount Hotham is one for the powder seekers among you set in Victoria’s North East. It has breathtaking scenery and has easy access to the back country on this 320 hectares of ski terrain. Its steep terrain, natural bowls and gullies make this a location not to be missed by experienced skiers and snowboarders alike.

3. Falls Creek

If you had one word to describe Falls Creek, it would be breathtaking. It is a five-hour drive from Melbourne, thus making it a bit of a road trip. It sits on 450 acres and has 92 runs. It is awesome for beginners, and intermediate snowboarders with over 80% of the runs ranked beginner and intermediate level. They even have some spaces set out just for kids to learn and have fun. Even though about the expert ranked terrain is only at about 20%, it is still a lot considering the total size, plus, the grounds are premium rated by those who have tried them. It has excellent facilities and activities to keep you interested for about a week.
Also of great convenience is the number of restaurants and cafes in the small village located there. That means that you have ample flexibility regarding your budget and you are most likely to find accommodation even during the high season.

2. Thredbo Alpine Village

Thredbo is located in the Kosciusko National Park and is about a seven-hour drive from Sydney. It has got the longest ski run in Australia and has the highest lift access slopes. It covers 480 acres and 92 runs which mean you have plenty of room to have fun. They have invested heavily in improving their services and equipment. They even went as far as getting machines to make snow. This means that the grounds are pretty fresh for long periods of the year. This has led them to host many international competitions.
It also has plenty of restaurants and shops to keep you covered; they are located at the base of the slope. It has a lively, but basic nightlife. A week’s stay is what most people recommend. If you do end up choosing Thredbo, you best believe you are getting a world class experience.

1. Perisher

Perisher is the largest site of all and is made up of some different resorts including, Perisher, Guthega, Blue Cow and Smiggins. They call this Australia’s super resort. It sits on 1,245 acres of rideable terrain with 133 runs. However, its slopes are not as high as some of the other resorts, but that is not to say that they are bad. It has got enough space to cater for all levels of snowboarders. Advanced snowboarders will, however, have to settle for less expert level runs.
An advantage is that they provide a wide variety of services. There is a well-equipped board riders school, a fun park, a woman’s snowboard programme and lots of good equipment shops. Perisher is a beautiful place for an individual, or you can even bring the whole family to ski and snowboard.
It, however, does not have as many villages around it and so the resorts will be your mainstay. Perisher is about a seven-hour drive from Sydney.

So, there you have it. A list of five premium spots to enjoy some great snowboarding in Australia. Who would have known?… Snowboarders would but so do you now.
Stay fresh, have fun and don’t forget to get yourself a tall hoodie (seriously though, if you don’t, you won’t fit in and who wants that?).