Everyone has a few tall friends who are tricky to buy gifts for. A gift should be something special and relate to that person specifically. So in the case of a tall friend, you want to give them something that will compliment their height. So here are our top 10 best gift recommendations for that tall friend or partner of yours:


  1. Tall Hoodies

    A tall hoodie is a great gift for the vertically gifted. The tall hoodies come in all sizes, so no matter how tall your friend is, we have a hoodie that will fit. We have custom hoodies, wholesale hoodies, tall hoodies, super tall hoodies, XXL hoodies, XXXL hoodies and even XXXXXL hoodies. They are a super versatile gift, your friend can wear his or her hoodie on the slopes, in the skate park, on the court and even on the street. We specialise in wholesale tall hoodies… It’s no surprise that we would rate a custom hoodie as our number one gift idea! Check out our range here.


  1. Tall ski or trekking poles

    Tall ski and trekking poles can be hard to come across. Most of them are manufactured for the average height, not for the extra tall. So why not order or custom make some tall ski or trekking poles for your tall friend, that way next time they hit the slopes or the hills, they will have the perfect poles.

  2. Shotgun front seat

    A gift does not always need to be something purchased, it can be a gesture instead. A good example is a front seat. If you and your tall friend or relative always fight for the front seat, give them the gift of the extra legroom for a month or two. This works well with a tall sibling.


  1. Tall tees

    Tall tees are super cool and super stylish, plus they fit like a dream for a tall person. That’s why a couple of tall tees, maybe even with a custom design or logo, are the perfect gift for a tall person.


  1. Extra legroom upgrade

    For a tall person, flying can be a nightmare. There’s not enough legroom, the headrest is at the wrong height or the seat is too low. So give your tall friend the gift of an upgrade with extra leg space, or a tall neck support travel pillow, or an air inflatable lumbar support pillow. These are great gifts to improve your friend’s comfort on their travels.


  1. Extra long yoga mat

    Everybody loves to exercise but it can be annoying when you have to put your feet or hands on the floor because the yoga mat is too short. So an extra long yoga mat is a great gift for a tall friend who loves to workout and keep active.


  1. Extra long tie

    One of the most obvious but also fun gifts is an extra long tie. You can have fun with this gift as they come in all different styles and prints.


  1. Extra long skipping rope

    Skipping is a fun way to stay healthy and keep fit. For a tall person however, skipping might not be an option because most ropes are made too short. So as a gift, find an extra long rope that they can cut and customize to their height.


  1. Extra long headphones or wireless headphones

    Tall people have long torsos and so headphones can sometimes be too short. So as a gift, why not buy some extra long headphones for your friend or purchase a pair of wireless headphones so that there is no need for a cord at all.


  1. Extra long sleeping bag

    An extra long sleeping bag is a great gift for a tall friend. Having a sleeping bag that fits is essential for a comfortable night out camping. For a tall person, the right fit can be hard to find. So do a little bit of research and find a store that stocks extra long sleeping bags, and give the gift or a comfortable night’s sleep under the stars.