There are so many advantages… Everyone’s seen groups of mountain bikers ripping a trail. And why not? What a blast! Joining your local club will bring with it heaps of opportunities and push your skills further! Here’s a few good reasons to join your local MBT club:

You’ll Make New Friendships

Joining any club can be a bit nerve-wracking; being the new member can make even the most confident rider feel like it’s their first day at school! But if you’re joining a mountain biking club, you’ll immediately have something in common and be able to make easy conversation about: Shredding the mountain, hitting some berms, getting some air time or generally having a blast. Joining a club is a fantastic way of making new friends particularly if you are new to an area.

MTB Club Riding

Discover New Trails

Everybody see’s the mountain differently. Following a fellow rider is a great way to push your ability and see lines and hits that you have previously missed. Being in a biking club means you have access to everybody’s ideas – rather than just your own – so you’ll be able to go on a range of different level trails that can sometimes be hard to find on your own.

You’ll be motivated to ride more

Nothing beats the stoke of riding with mates! Rain hail or shine you’re bound to have a good time. Nobody likes to let the group down or keep them waiting; this means that your motivation to ride will soar. Club rides become as much a social occasion as riding time, which will result in you mountain biking more and becoming a fitter and better rider as a result. Not to mention the after ride drinks are always more fun!

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You’ll save on biking gear and subscriptions

There are finical perks too! Most MTB club memberships include discounts for bikes, parts and safety gear at your local bike shops. Even subscriptions to popular publications and discounts to club events; meaning you actually end up saving money. A lot of clubs also offer free or discounted merchandise when joining; such as a hoodie or tee!

Riding with mates is great if there are any problems

If you want to do some more ‘off piste’ mountain biking, riding with mates is a much better way to stay safe. If you have a fall or damage your bike in a off the beaten track location it’s great to know your mates have got your back.

Ride alone

Of course, being a member of your local club doesn’t mean that you always have to bike with them. If you love riding alone, you can always head out for a solo ride. Let loose put headphones on, turn the music up and put the peddle to the medal it’s all about enjoying yourself after all.

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